GetWin free bet: £20 risk-free offer

Getwin free bet

Access the £20 risk-free bet from GetWin here

What's happening to bookies these days? They're getting all spangly and fancy, with websites that look more like boutiques. However, it's doing wonders for finding the markets you want to bet on - and GetWin is leading the way in web design for bookmakers. Really, seriously, Ladbrokes take note. Why does nobody sign up at Ladbrokes anymore? Because the site looks like a dog's dinner and you can't find anything. Have a look at GetWin and you'll see what I mean about good web design.

Crystal clear, proper navigation and sub-navigation. Seriously, if FBB's webmaster is reading this, have a look, mate. It's good. What's really good about it is that they're offering a risk-free bet, and we're fans of the risk-free bet here at FBB.

It's this simple, you deposit £20 or 20 euros, and you bet £20 or 20 euros on anything you like, a single or a multiple bet. Ensure that you only place one bet to start with, and not several, or you may not get your money back if you lose.

So - if your bet wins, hoorah, you've got your winnings & your stake back. If your bet loses, well hey ho, you've got your £20 back to either withdraw or bet on something else.

It's that simple. There's no mucking around with minimum odds and all that gubbins - it's totally risk-free and there's no catch.

Back to that website - it's all sliding tabs and shiny buttons. Really, if pretty websites are your thing, have a look. It makes finding your bet of choice really easy, and easy on the eyes at that.

What's more, you get a risk-free bet on GetWin. Access it here.

published: 4th August 2011 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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