Play forex with a £20 no deposit bonus or get 30% bonus on your deposit from Plus500

Now I have to admit that, despite calling myself the Free Bet Bookmaker, I ain't much of a gambler. Yeah, sure, I put a bet on now and then, but I only do it when I've done my research. That's why I like this Plus500 lark. It's available on iPad, iPhone and all that malarkey, and you can trade with next to nothing with 1:50 leverage. There's a whole bunch of analysis tools that give you (or me) all the stats you need before you go trading.

They also do a lot of CFD, which I've been investigating, and it means Contracts For Difference - basically 30% of trades on the London Stock Exchange are CFD trades and it gives traders the ability to go long or short, leverage trades and hedge positions. To be honest, not got much of a clue what that means, but it's really popular and everyone's doing it. If you know what it's all about, Plus500 are giving you a free start.

Start off with the unlimited demo platform - it's totally free to use, has a bunch of videos that you can go through, but let's be fair, do you ever read the manual when you buy something? Perhaps you ought to... I never do, but I've had a flick through these vids and they're better than a set of Ikea instructions.

So - what's the bonus. Simple as this - you get £20 bonus - no deposit required. Just sign up, follow the simple instructions on this link and get a free £20 deposited into your account. They'll also bump up your deposit by 30%.

So if you're into trading, forex and the like, then this is a great little diversion from the bookies, and could end up netting you some cash. Oh, and there's £20 waiting for you before you even get your bank card out. Get in.

Claim your £20 no deposit bonus + 30% bonus on your deposit from Plus500 here

published: 28th April 2011 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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