Skybet free bets explained: £10 instant and £25 loyalty


Skybet have now announced a new free bet offer which is totally free - no deposit required - You'd be crazy not to take it.

Click here to access the £10 free bet from SkyBet and you'll get another £25 in free bets for your loyalty

So - Sky. They've transformed football and other sports, and whatever you think about terrestrial telly and free-to-air stuff, you've got to say that they've improved sports coverage massively. So what about sports betting? SkyBet is their own online and mobile bookmaker with a host of offers that reward customers, and give new customers a real head start.

Say what you want about them taking all the good telly and making you pay for it, their sports betting is, surprisingly, one of the best in the country, right up there with Paddy and co. No, seriously. SkyBet is a top online bookie that users love, and there are a huge number of ways of betting, including through your own telly. Imagine that. Betting through the TV. Whatever next? They'll be using telephones next.

Here's the offer - you deposit £10, and bet £10 on anything - there's no minimum odds required here - so you could bet on Manchester United to beat United of Manchester at 1/100 - and you'll get a free £10 bet, instantly. No waiting, no sending e-mails to anyone, no turning over your deposit one thousand times like you have to with some of these other bookies, just a free bet of £10 to bet on whatever you like. As always, remember that you won't get the stake back if you win.

Join the SkyBet loyalty scheme and they'll give you another £25 worth of free bets as you keep betting with SkyBet. What can be better?

Access the free £10 bet from SkyBet here

published: 8th June 2011 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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