Sporting bet free bet: £50 risk-free

Claim your £50 risk-free bet from Sporting Bet here

We’re welcoming back Sporting Bet to the pages of Free Bet Bookmaker after what seems like forever. Why? They’re offering a £50 risk-free bet and it’s way better than anything else they’ve ever offered.

You see, a while back, we told them to “go do one” after we failed to understand how you could possibly claim a free bet from their sign-up offer. They didn’t care, in fact, they’ve done rather well without us, but we have our pride, and that’s how it is. So Sporting Bet - what’s the deal? How do you get your free bet?

It works like this - sign up and deposit anything up to £50 - at least £10, though please, otherwise you’re not going to get any free bet money. Then, you bet anything between £10 and £50, and if it’s a single bet then you have to bet on odds of at least 1.5 or greater. If it’s a double then each selection has to be odds of at least 1.3.

Win, you’ve done well my child. Lose, and you get your cash back as a free bet. Play with that free bet money (the stake isn’t returned of course) on anything you like.

The rest is bog-standard - you have to be over-18, yadiyadiya - check out the terms and conditions on the sign-up page.

What we also like about Sporting Bet is that if you’re loyal to them (and we expect nothing else), then you get bonuses, up to £2000 a month, depending on exactly how loyal you are. Odds Checker calls them the best value bookmaker, and whyever not. If you’re going for a Cheltenham Free Bet, then Sporting Bet are doing all manner of specials during the week and in the run-up to the Festival.

published: 1st March 2012 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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