ZeTurf free bet bonuses: for betting on French horse racing

Yeah, we know what the image says, but when you click through - just because you're a Free Bet Bookmaker reader - you'll get 80 euros instead of 50. ZeTurf is a bookmaker that brings you racing from France, and as a former resident of that country, I love French horse racing.

French horse racing is massively underrated - from the dirt and grime of trotting through to the glamour of the flat racing at Chantilly and Longchamp - it's every bit as good as racing in the UK. I've spent afternoons in the freezing cold at Vincennes with 50,000 trotting fans dressed in bright colours, and enjoyed the Prix de l'Arc, the Prix du Jockey Club, the Grand Prix de Paris, and some fine, fine races. The jumping at Auteuil in the winter is brilliant - and I've always enjoyed betting on horses in France.

So - now I'm back in the UK, it's great to be able to bet on French horse racing with a bookmaker that has (most of) its website in English. Don't worry about the odd bit of French here and there, it's not hugely important. ZeTurf is an award-winning bookie that not only gives you the best odds for French racing, but gives you a huge database of information on performance, speed and race history. What's more, you can sign up to their "notepad" which gives you a daily e-mail on the horses to follow.

A few things about French racing that I've noticed over the years: look in the Paris Turf newspaper every morning and look at the top 5 horses listed under the "Coefficient de Reussite" - it's a great little calculation that experts use. 90% of winners come from the top 5 in this list - it's a stunning little figure, and one that you should always look for. You can sign up for Paris Turf magazine online if you like, and use it with your ZeTurf account.

Another thing - trotting is notoriously difficult as so many horses get disqualified - look for the types of courses on which horses get disqualified - and if you can find one that goes well on a particular course, you may find your odds inflated a little.

All betting in France goes through the PMU, who set the odds, much like the Tote did in the UK - it does mean that they never lose money, and that sometimes your place odds can be quite low, but it is entirely dictated by the so-called wisdom of the crowds. By doing a little more research than anyone else, you can often find some great odds.

So - to access your exclusive 80 euros worth of deposit bonuses from ZeTurf, visit their website and enjoy some French betting!

published: 11th June 2011 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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