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Top Five Tips To Build a Poker Face

How hard can it be to develop a 'poker face'? Can this be a birthright or does one cultivate it later on so as to win at Poker? As with any other sport, in Poker as well, practice and discipline holds the key as we have seen all the beginners making those very same mistakes over and over again.

Be the wolf and not the tiger
We are all at the table to play and win the money and so is every one else. Getting a bad hand at this game is not as common as the movies would have us believe. Once in a while, even with a bad hand and with everyone else folding we may just win the pot, but then again, it is rare. It is important that you learn to treat a bad hand as just that and the sooner you learn to do this, the better off you would be.
Do not over bluff
This is a mistake that almost all the beginners commit. Bluffing may be one of the key ingredients of this game but remember, it happens to be just one of them. Bluffing at every hand can actually make it easier for your opponents to read your moves. So the key here is to learn when to bluff then it would not be all that difficult to win at Poker.
To expose or not, that's the question
If you are the kind of person to relish the competition and jump on each and every opportunity to prove your point, than you must read this. At the Poker table, you may well know when someone is bluffing but before you jump on them and start exposing their bluff, you should take a moment and evaluate whether doing so is going to be of any advantage to you. Remember, that trying to expose someone else's bluff may well result in the loss of a few of your chips. Is the risk really worth it? Maybe, it may be a much better idea to let things roll on, as it would be a much better idea to be pragmatic when it comes to bluffs.
Pay attention to the cards
The art of counting cards may be more popular in Blackjack but can be used effectively in Poker as well. The things to pay attention to are the folded hands as well as the cards that are not there on the table. Try and remember the pattern of these cards as this is something that you can get to be really good at over time. And if you are able to count cards effectively, then you would have gained an edge over those who are not able to focus long-term. This is a talent that not everyone can master, especially after having sat at the table for hours.
Stay healthy
The last thing to remember is that a healthy body means a healthy mind and that should be taken literally. There may be many professional Poker players who would swear that sitting at the table for hours on end, the sweating numbness had actually improved the quality of their games. But that is far from the truth as a tired mind cannot concentrate on the game at all, leave alone win it. Take note to keep drinking water as you play Poker as you would not want to get dehydrated and take a break every now and then, so as to refresh yourself. It is just a game so learn to enjoy it and that may actually result in you staying healthy and focused, thereby increasing your chances of winning the pot!

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published: 4th August 2008 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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