No deposit offer from Duplicate Poker - get paid to try out this legal US poker site

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Introducing Play U.S. Legal Skill-based Poker. Get $3 Free to try.

A while ago, we said that there was no such thing as a "no-deposit" deal - well that may exist with free bets, where no deposit free bet offers are very thin on the ground - if non-existent - but here's something you don't find very often - a no-deposit bonus on the poker.

Duplicate Poker is an American poker site. In fact, it's the only LEGAL American Poker site, believe it or not. While ol' President Bush decided to stamp down on all those heathens that bet online, Duplicate Poker came up with an idea that is not only legal, but seems to reward the better poker players. Because this is no ordinary poker.

How many times have you sat at an online poker table and kicked yourself because some fool has been throwing everything into the pot only to find yourself caught up his one and only decent hand of the day? Now, it's going to take some getting used to, so here's the spiel from the boys at Duplicate Poker:

The main characteristics of duplicate poker that set it apart from regular pot limit and no limit Texas hold’em games are as follows:

1) There are always two or more tables of players, with the same number of players seated at each table.
2) An identically ordered deck of cards is used at each table for each deal, so that players in the same seat position at each table receive the same hole cards, and the board cards are the same at each table.
3) Every player begins each deal with the ability to bet the same number of playing chips, regardless of how he or she may have done in any previous deal. This is achieved using a capped betting system which allows each player to bet only the pre-determined maximum number of chips on each hand played.
4) The player's score for each deal is based on the net number of chips he or she has at the end of that deal as compared with the number of chips the player had at the start of that deal.
5) The player's score for a session (a set series of deals) is whatever the net plus or minus result is for that player on all of the deals played in that session.
6) A player's outcome for a session is determined by that player's ranking compared to each of the other players in his or her same seat position.

So, you get $3 for just signing up - no questions asked - just sign up with your credit card and give it a go. You also get up to $300 bonus depending on how much you deposit. If you deposit $200, you get $200 credited to your account. Naturally, you have to turn that money over in order to be able to withdraw it, so you will have to play a bit of Duplicate Poker in order to get that money, but you will in the end.

It's legal for the Americans out there - AND it's a no-deposit offer. So if you fancy yourself as a decent poker player who has been robbed by the numpties, get on this one! Get $3 Free to try. Get

published: 27th August 2008 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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