Paddy Power Poker Christmas Giveaway

We like a laugh here at the Free Bet Bookmaker. In fact, we love a good laugh. That's why we're letting you in on the old German Virgins joke from Paddy Power. It reminds me a little of that famous court case where a German witness was struggling with the English language.

The judge then asked the jury if anyone spoke German, and could help interpret what the witness was trying to say. One of the jurors stood up and proclaimed "yes, your honour, I speak German. I'll help."

"Very good", said the judge... "now could you ask him what he was doing on the night of the 14th?"

"Yes, I can", said the juror. He cleared his throat and began: "Vot vere you doing on ze night of ze 14th?"

The man was fined for contempt of court, and was later photographed by the Sun giving two thumbs up saying "I've always wanted to do something like that".

Chortle chortle. That one has kept the Free Bet Bookmaker smiling through many a long winter's evening. And what else does the Free Bet Bookmaker like to do when those long winter nights draw in? Play poker, that's what.

So this rather amusing little vignette relates to Paddy Power's Poker joke - but there's more than just xenophobic kraut-bashing to their poker this Christmas. In their 12 days of Christmas campaign, they're giving loads of stuff away. The fun kicks off on Christmas night, December 25th @ 8pm with a $10 + $1 freezeout; in full Santa Claus mode they’ll add $500 to the prizepool and the tournament winner will score a Sony PS3 games console. The other 11 tournaments are $5 + 50c rebuys (both regular and speed) with $250 added to each and Nintendo Wii consoles and Sony PSP and Nintendo DS handheld consoles for the winners to make the dark winter nights pass a little faster!

So, sign up to Paddy Power Poker and you could be adding to your xmas stockings with consoles or cash.

published: 23rd December 2008 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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