Bahrain, Grand National and the IPL - how much do you want the money?

Prepare for a righteous rant. This weekend, the Bahrain Grand Prix appears set to go ahead. Last weekend, we killed two horses for our gambling pleasure, and the IPL continues to wreck real cricket at the altar of cash. Is this what we’ve come to?

So how much do you want the money? Go on, Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone and the like. I’ll make it quite clear that Formula 1 has no place in my affections, but I’m not one to deny petrolheads the pleasure of watching fast cars go round a track for a couple of hours. In fact, I’m sure if I were to devote some time to it, I’d get in to it too.

But how much do you want that money? It must be “quite a lot” because you’re prepared to risk drivers’ lives so that you can make a pile of cash racing round a track in a country where, frankly, you shouldn’t be racing. So make a stand. Lose some money and say “no, we won’t race here because the country is ruled by bad people”. Say it. Make a difference for once in your lives.

Really, how much do you need the cash? The Bahraini forces go around killing their own people. If David Cameron were to crack down on Northerners, for example, going in to Salford to crack down on rebellious youths, and authorising the use of murder, would you support him? Would you still go ahead with the British Grand Prix, despite the threat of Northerners throwing petrol bombs at your drivers? Sorry to trivialise it, but Formula 1 is trivial compared to a dictatorship that kills its own people.

And Aintree - how much do we want our £1 bet to win? Did you have a pound on Synchronised? Honestly, we love the Grand National and we love our horse racing, but every year, to see horses have to go round a fence because they’re putting another horse down the other side of it… well, does it make us feel guilty?

It’s clear that the new safety regulations they brought in failed. And what of next year? Sorry, but we may have to forego our favourite race and find another pastime if horses are dying for our pleasure. I thought we’d moved on from Roman times. We don’t need the money so much that we’ll watch horses die, do we?

So, sort it out, Aintree.

And the IPL - while not exactly supporting regimes that murder their own people, and while cricketers don’t exactly die during the process, the game of cricket is slowly dying as a result of this ridiculous charade. Number one, Test cricket has been relegated to two-test series because this rubbish spectacle generates a bit more cash. Number two, the technique of our younger players is more aligned to this cash-generating shit, and less so towards the real game of cricket.

I’m all for cricket moving on, but the IPL moves it backwards. I’m glad that viewing figures are down, and hope that it’s the beginning of the end, but the authorities will find another way of making money out of it - perhaps reducing it to ten overs per side. Ten10 anyone?

And while I"m on my righteous rant, I had to give up my Sky subscription a few months ago - well, I’m not MADE of money, and there are other things in life that you have to pay for, so watching cricket is now a luxury worth about £30 a month. Ridiculous. Now, I’d pay a few pounds a month for a subscription to watch county cricket online. Just like you can watch Major League Baseball online these days - and it doesn’t cost a bomb. Have a free match for everyone so that at least someone in this country can watch cricket without having to be minted in the first place.

Only a few people now get to watch cricket on TV now, and what does that mean for future generations of cricketers? They’re probably watching the Formula 1 race while drivers get pelted with petrol bombs. Cash in.

Rant over, but if you watch, you’re partially responsible.

published: 20th April 2012 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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