Ballabriggs wins the National from Oscar Time - as Free Bet Bookmaker predicted

Donald McCain's Balabriggs today won the Grand National with a prominent performance, leading most of the race from the front and storming ahead of Oscar Time at the end.

In a race heavy with casualties, not least of all two fatal, Ballabriggs kept his cool. The heat was clearly getting to Don't Push It, who found the 11st10lb a little too much towards the end of the race with a string of minor errors. Oscar Time looked the horse most likely at the end, ridden by amateur jockey Sam Waley-Cohen, but couldn't find the extra required as the horses went through the elbow.

Front-runner Ballabriggs, was, said jockey Jason Maguire, beginning to get away from him over the first few fences. His intention was to reach the last few fences in the first ten in order to give his horse a chance, but Ballabriggs was by that stage motoring, and the jockey was forced to go along with the horse. A potential mistake was avoided halfway through the race as Ballabriggs appeared to hit the fence, but he stayed on his feet, falling back to fifth.

Credit should also go to State of Play, who came from nowhere to get in the places, while favourite Midnight Run never got going after an early mistake.

However, the day belongs to Ballabriggs, Donald McCain and Jason Maguire - oh, and Free Bet Bookmaker who is a little bit richer than he was at the start of the day. Gloat gloat gloat.


published: 9th April 2011 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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