Comparing the bookies bonus market

This is a guest post from Paul Delaney at Online Betting Bonuses

The many free betting offers that can be found on the internet today signal an increase in the competition between online bookmakers to attract new clients to their websites. Over the past few years online betting has exploded, becoming the multi-million pound business that it is today, and the many free betting packages that are being offered are a sure sign of its growing popularity.

Betting bonuses have been a part of the online gambling scene for many years and of course they act as a way of giving customers a better value for money. But as the competition has become more fierce, so have the offers, and the majority of online bookies are all now offering some sort of free package.

But when it comes down to it, free betting bonuses and not entirely free in as much as you will have to first register with an online bookie, then spend some money up front by depositing a certain amount of money into your account in advance of laying on any wagers. The bookie will then double the size of your deposit by putting a duplicate amount into your account.

The ceiling of your deposit is normally set at about £200, but it is a genuine offer, and one which basically means that you are betting for half price! You won’t actually be able to draw on your free bonus amount until you have exhausted your original deposit, but that’s simply the way that the bookies operate. When it comes down to it however, you do still get your free betting bonus – it’s a genuine offer!

But as with any offers made over the internet, you do need to check them out before you part with your hard earned cash. Most of the online bookies are for real, as are their free betting bonus(es) schemes, but there are the odd rogues out there too. One of the best ways of checking out whether or not the deal is genuine, is to go to one of the online betting comparison review sites. The bookies listed on these sites (which will include all of the major players), are usually 100% genuine. So find a review site, compare the online betting market place.

published: 24th April 2012 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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