FA Cup Semi Final Preview: Manchester City too good for 3/1 surely?

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It's not often that you'll get odds of 3/1 against Manchester City, but that's exactly what Victor Chandler are doing this weekend as the Manchester boys head down to Wembley. Much as I dislike the so-called City revolution with its 9-man defensive wall and preening little anti-footballers, I have a real soft spot for the Manchester City fans. After all those years of winning nothing, of having suffered in division 3, or League 2 as we're now meant to call it, of having put up with Brian Horton, Peter Monkey Heid Reid and all manner of showers of shite, they're finally going to Wembley, albeit for a semi final.

Still, hey, it's Wembley and if any set of fans deserve it, it's City fans. So - do they have a chance? Well, without Tevez, you'd have to say it's going to be more difficult than usual. However, as Utd have lost Rooney due to his lack of a brain against West Ham, both sides are missing their talismanic influence. While it's true that Utd do have Dimitar Berbatov to call on, he's an all or nothing kind of guy, and not at all the sort of presence that Rooney has.

From a betting viewpoint - I'd be looking at a low-scoring game, and Victor Chandler are offering decent odds on there not being a goal in the first half, which should be about right.

In the other game, Bolton vs Stoke isn't one for the lovers of the beautiful game, and may be an opportunity to offer the wife an 'afternoon off football' so that you can earn brownie points for the final or something. Up to you. I've had a feeling for some time that Stoke have got a final in them, and they'll frankly never have a better chance. Odds of 2/1 against Stoke are mighty generous, but with Bolton at 6/4, frankly the bookies don't know either, and the worry for the neutral is that they cancel each other out and we're left watching two sides hurl the ball as high as they can at each other in an interminably annoying game of head tennis.

In the meantime, if you're looking to put some money on a safe thing, bet against the Boston Red Sox in the MLB at the moment. They're stinking the place up, and if Daisuke Matsuzaka is pitching, get some cash on the opposition. He's so bad he was booed off after just 2 innings the other day, and John Lackey's not doing any better either. The only pitcher to come out with any real credit has been Josh Beckett, so if he's pitching, back 'em. Anyone else? Safe bet they're going to lose.

published: 15th April 2011 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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