New Season Preview: Back Arsenal to finish outside the top 4

No longer do we talk of a big 4, but a big 5 with some extras thrown in. That doesn’t necessarily make it any more exciting, but it does mean that someone, somewhere, is going to lose out. Liverpool have been losing out a lot recently, but having spent shedloads of money, they’d be hugely disappointed not to earn back Champions League football next year, while Manchester City would be apoplectic given the amount they’ve spent over the last few seasons.

That leaves Arsenal – the big 5’s most febrile team, lacking backbone and grit, and potentially lacking Fabregas one day soon. Wenger talks of strengthening the side, but even Phil Jagielka has rejected a move to the Emirates, saying that he’s happy where he is. That speaks volumes. Jagielka would be a brilliant addition to the Arsenal squad, as would Gary Cahill – but neither have arrived at time of writing.

This is no time to get left behind, and whereas Jagielka’s current club may appear to be getting left behind on the transfer scene, at least they have some character about them. Arsenal haven’t got that. They’ve got flair, and of course on their day, they could beat anyone. But they don’t have as many days as everyone else, and their squad is noticeably weaker than last year.

That’s why it’s worth betting against Arsenal finishing in the top 4. All of a sudden, there’s competition for those top four places, and Arsenal don’t like it up ‘em.

published: 8th August 2011 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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