Relegation odds and first manager to be sacked

Swansea, Norwich & Wigan to go down at 14/1

Seemingly an easy choice, but there’s an abundance of riches here. QPR haven’t exactly invested for the Premier League, and they’ve got relegation-friendly Neil Warnock still in charge.

Wolves are managed by one of the worst managers ever, and despite significant investment by Jack Heyward, they’re still relegation fodder. It’s amazing to think that Stoke were able to build so well and get into Europe, while Wolves floundered at the bottom of the league.

Wigan have been hurt the most by the loss of N’Zogbia. He carried them last year, and while they’ve kept Rodallega, they won’t have anything like the attacking force they did in 10-11. Roberto Martinez should have gone to Villa when he had the chance. That said, they’ve got enough experience now in beating the drop so they’re the least assured of the three picks.

Norwich and Swansea are the two promoted sides that look most likely to struggle. They’ll probably have an initial burst, after which their relegation odds will inflate – remember Hull and Blackpool? Sides usually work them out come January, so it may be best to wait until then for better odds.

First manager to get the sack

The loss of a Newcastle manager in September is as traditional as turkey at Christmas, so Alan Pardew must be fearing the worst. Players are already rebelling at the club’s transfer policy, which isn't as bad as others, but follows Newcastle tradition in spending money on people you've never heard of and then selling them on to Middlesborough or someone.

Nothing’s ever happy at Newcastle, so Pardew at 7/2 to get the boot first is great stuff. Then again, there’s that fella Steve Kean at Blackburn. Nobody really knew who he was, but he impressed the Indians at Venky’s Poultry Farm (how surreal is this?) and ended up with the job that was being done very well by Sam Allardyce.

It’s a measure of how insane the new owners are that they installed Steve Kean and almost got the club relegated. A few defeats and they’ll be spitting feathers, no doubt, and I don’t see Steve Keen lasting the season. He’ll probably end up at Newcastle.

Of the other managers, it’s highly possible that Harry Redknapp will leave Spurs, as no doubt England will lose to Poland and the Ukraine, sack Capello and bring in the man everyone has already designated as “the next England manager to be humiliated and sacked”. Poor old Harry. He’s onto a good thing at Spurs, but his time has come. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s up for the chop, which excludes him from the betting.

It would equally be surprising to see David Moyes still at Goodison come season end, but it’s surprising every day, to be honest, that he’s still there. Moyes has worked wonders, and without him, you wonder whether Everton would even be as high as League 1. Bill Kenwright has raised the ire of the Everton fans by failing to bring in any money, while ineptly bumbling along screwing up potential money-spinners such as the King’s Dock venture, where his ring-fenced £30m suddenly disappeared.

Everton are no Blackburn Rovers or Birmingham, for which they should be grateful, but it’s only because of Moyes that Everton are no Sheffield Wednesday. He’ll walk one day and Kenwright will be made to pay.

Steve Bruce is another who surely must be wearing thin the patience of his bosses. How many more millions will he spend before they realise that they could have bought twice the quality for half the price? This will probably be another season of flattering to deceive, blooming early only to wilt come spring.

published: 9th August 2011 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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