The sack race: watch Dalglish’s odds

Steve Kean appears a dead cert to be given the sack at any time - so 8/15 is probably a good reflection of that, and it would be longer were it not for the hapless Bolton and the sinking star that is Owen Coyle.

These are two managers in the firing line, but Coyle is the more surprising of the two. Feted by all for his time at Burnley, ambitious for his desire to move to a more established club, yet hamstrung by departures that he has not replaced, Coyle should really be given time to sort Bolton out. After all, this season is not really his fault, it’s been coming for a while.

Kean, however, has no excuses. He has some money, more than other clubs in the Premier League, and he has the nucleus of a half-decent team. That’s why Blackburn Rovers fans are o his back, albeit extremely so.

So while Coyle is 3/1, Kean is odds-on, you have to look further down the list for a surprise - and it’s worth watching the odds of big spender Kenny Dalglish, who is surely starting to raise the ire of his American owners after spending big on the likes of Carroll and Downing only to discover that Newcastle and Aston Villa players only get you as high as… well, Newcastle or Aston Villa.

It’s a cruel world out there, and John Henry, while he is a patient and undoubtedly shrewd man, will not stand for anything less than Champions League qualification. He’s not going to get it this year, and without spending big again, he probably won’t get it next year - so is Dalglish the man? At 66/1 for the sack, the bookies think he still is, but those odds will start to take a tumble the more it appears Liverpool won’t get Champions League qualification.

With Kean and Coyle gone, I’d wager that the bookies will offer around 20/1 for Dalglish in a few months’ time, if Liverpool’s form does not pick up. That’s still brilliant, and worth taking.

Otherwise, you could go for Mick McCarthy, whose continued employment at Wolves is a mystery to all but himself, or Andre Villas-Boas, whose owners would be both foolish and in-keeping with form were they to fire him so soon.

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published: 28th December 2011 by Free Bet Bookmaker


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